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Girl Guide

The term used to identify girls and adults who are members of the Girl Guiding Movement in many countries. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Girl Scout

 A member of Girl Scouts of the USA or another country’s national Girl Scout organization. 

Girl Scout Adult

 An adult member of Girl Scouts of the USA who is at least 18 or older or has completed high school. 

Girl Scout Birthday

The official birthday of Girl Scouting, March 12, celebrated during Girl Scout Week, marks the first meeting of a Girl Scout troop held in Savannah, Georgia in 1912.

Girl Scout Gold Award®

 The highest award in Girl Scouting. Earned by a girl ages 14-17, this award recognizes the leadership, efforts, and impact girls have had on their communities. 

Girl Scout Handshake

 A formal way of greeting other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. You shake hands with the left hand and give the Girl Scout sign with your right hand.

Girl Scout Law

Along with the Girl Scout Promise, the Girl Scout Law is the credo of Girl Scouting. A girl lives the 10 parts of the Girl Scout Law to fulfill the Girl Scout Promise. 

Girl Scout Leader/Volunteer/Advisor

 A registered Girl Scout adult and trained volunteer who meets regularly with girls to help them achieve the purposes of Girl Scouting. May also be referred to as an advisor, particularly when working with girls in the GS Cadette, Senior and Ambassador program levels.

Girl Scout Promise

Along with the Girl Scout Law, is the credo of Girl Scouting; the pledge that binds members together as part of the Girl Scout Movement. A girl must make the Promise to become a Girl Scout member. 

Girl Scout Sign

Made by raising three fingers of the right hand. This sign stands for the three parts of the Promise. 

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