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 Outdated term referring to Learning Facilitators.


Outdated term referring to Adult Learning/Volunteer Learning courses.  

Troop Government

The various ways a troop/group ensures that girls lead the planning and decision-making for their Girl Scout experiences.  

Troop Support Manager

Troop Support Manager.  Service unit volunteer responsible for developing membership growth by recruiting girls and adults and assisting them in forming new troops/groups.  

Troop/Group Money-Earning

An activity planned and carried out by girls to earn money for troop/group expenses. 



A small troop/group formed at a day camp or resident camp. Girl Scouts assigns campers to a unit based on age or interest. Also a portion of a campsite designated as the living and working area for a group of campers.



Volunteer Development Manager Works with SU teams and LSMs. Primarily responsible for member retention.

Volunteer Screening

Process to become an approved volunteer that includes an electronic Adult Screening.  

Volunteer Toolkit

A web app that will allow you to manage your troop roster and contact information, communication, dates and plans, dues, attendance, and finances.  For Daisy, Brownie, and Junior troops, the Volunteer Toolkit comes with pre-populated plans for everything—a full year of Girl Scouts right there on your device! Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops don’t get pre-populated meetings yet (coming soon), but can still access the great planning features.

Volunteer-In-Training (VIT)

A 14-17-year-old girl taking a Volunteer-in-Training course to learn group leadership skills.

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