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An established course of action that must be followed. 

Product Sales, Council Sponsored

Council wide program activities in which troops/groups may sell authorized, tangible products, such as Girl Scout Cookies® or Fall Products.

Program Aide (PA)

An 11-17-year-old girl who has been trained to assist younger Girl Scout groups with songs, games, crafts, ceremonies or skills. 

Program and Event Guide (PEG)

A yearly schedule of girl events and trainings offered by the Girl Scouts of Northern California. It is Available in print or on our website. 

Program Standard(s)

An established level of quality or achievement for measuring and judging a local Girl Scout council’s performance in delivering the Girl Scout program 

to girls. 


Program Support Manager.  Service unit volunteer responsible for ensuring that all program activities and events deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience benefits.  


Quiet Sign

Raising the right hand over the head to signal for attention and quiet at any Girl Scout gathering. When the hand goes up, mouths go quiet, and everyone joins in giving the quiet sign.


Rededication Ceremony

A formal ceremony at which a girl or adult, who was previously invested, renews their Girl Scout Promise.

Religious & Other Awards

Official awards earned for completing requirements set by religious/other organizations or by Girl Scouts of the USA. These awards are all worn on a similar place on the Girl Scout uniform.

Resident Camp

A Girl Scout event conducted over at least 3 days, where campres stay overnight and camp is responsible for campers 24 hours a day. 

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