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Girl Scouts' Own

Girl-planned inspirational ceremonies held in the troop/group or at camp. 

Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

Girl handbook specific to each program level. 


The policy setting system.  

GSLE (Girl Scout Leadership Experience)

The national Girl Scout program. By participating in the program activities  in the Journeys  and the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouts, girls learn leadership skills. Every activity girls do in Girl Scouting should deliver the benefits of the GSLE.  Girls Discover, Connect, and Take Action in a girl-led, cooperative learning, and learning by doing way so that they can become leaders who can make the world a better place.

GSUSA: Girl Scouts of the United States of America

 The national headquarters are located in New York City. 


Health History Form

An updated record of a girl’s past and present health status (for example, of allergies, chronic illnesses, and injuries), which her parent/guardian completes for Girl Scouts.

High-Adventure Activities

 Formerly called High-Risk. Activities that must be approved prior to the activity by GSNorCal’s Risk Management & Travel team  involve a reasonable expectation of physical risk to the girls and/or a legal risk to the adults and/or the council.  



  The deeply held belief subscribed to by all members that all girls must be included in Girl Scout activities.  


The umbrella term for earned age-level awards, religious and other awards, emblems, and participation patches and pins. Girls wear all insignia, except participation patches and pins, on the front of their Girl Scout uniform.

Interest Form

Prospective girl or adult members can complete the online interest form, which will trigger staff to help them get started.

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