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 The process that is followed when troops will not continue the following year.  


Early Bird Registration

Spring registration of currently registered girls and adults for the following membership year. 


Emergency Medical Services.

Extended Trip/Travel

 A trip lasting three nights or more (may require a health examination as well as a health history, local Girl Scout council approval, and additional insurance coverage).


Fly-up Ceremony

 The event at which a Girl Scout Brownie receives her Brownie Wings and becomes a Girl Scout Junior.

Friendship Circle

A circle formed by Girl Scouts standing and clasping hands. The circle represents the unbroken chain of friendship and is usually used as a closing ceremony. 

Friendship Squeeze

 A hand squeeze that travels around a friendship circle from one person to another after someone starts it.


Girl Guide

The term used to identify girls and adults who are members of the Girl Guiding Movement in many countries. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Girl Scout

 A member of Girl Scouts of the USA or another country’s national Girl Scout organization. 

Girl Scout Adult

 An adult member of Girl Scouts of the USA who is at least 18 or older or has completed high school. 

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