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Safety Activity Checkpoints

Available on the council website at The safety guidelines for specific activities.  Always check the Safety Activity Checkpoints for any activity.  If you cannot find your activity, check the general guidelines in the Safety-Wise chapter and check to be sure that your activity is allowed and does not require approval from GSNorCal Risk Management & Travel.  


This is an online training course, and also signifies following the safety guidelines contained in the Safety-Wise chapter of the CRG (Volunteer Essentials) plus the Safety Activity Checkpoints.  


A grade-level in Girl Scouting. Senior Girl Scouts are in grades 9 and 10.

Sensitive Issues

Topics highly personal  in nature or rooted in beliefs and values, i.e. Aids, child abuse, human sexuality, and religion.

Service Unit

A geographic sub division within the council and the Girl Scouts within it—all leaders, troops/groups and girls. Leaders within each service unit attend a regularly scheduled Service Unit Meeting where they obtain information and help plan service unit activities. 

Service Unit Team

A group of adult volunteers that facilitates service to girls through its volunteers in a geographic area (service unit).


A lightweight pad or mat used when sitting on the floor or ground.


 Service Unit.  



Troop Finance Report.  Due each year on May 15th.  

Thinking Day

See World Thinking Day.