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Community Development Manager

Community Development Manager works with community partners to bring Girl Scouting to girls who couldn’t otherwise experience it.


 Girl Scouts of Northern California is chartered by GSUSA to organize and deliver Girl Scout Program. 

Council Board of Directors

A board elected by members of the local Girl Scout council  and, between annual meetings, empowered to act for it within the framework of the council’s bylaws. Board members represent many aspects of the community as well as of Girl Scouting.

Council Resource Guide

This online guide, now called Volunteer Essentials was formerly called the CRG or Council Resource Guide.  Contains policy, procedures, and Guidelines for the members of Girl Scouts of Northern California. 

Counselor-in-Training (CIT)

Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors earn this award  by completing  a leadership course designed by the council on outdoor experiences and work with younger girls over the course of a camp session. 

Court of Awards

A ceremony where girls receive awards for their achievements.



A grade-level in Girl Scouting. Daisy Girl Scouts are in kindergarten-grade 1.

Day Camp

 Programs conducted within a twelve hour period over three or more days, occasionally including an overnight.


A Girl Scout member, 14 years of age or older, elected to a voting position in the council. 


Girl Scout activities/events that individual girls ages 14-17 can opt to participate in to broaden their perspectives.  They can be national or international.